Current  Estimate of Charges as of August 2015

 Prices may vary as suppliers and fuel prices may increase my costs

These prices are estimates.  Surgical and Dental procedures may vary as every patient is different

Standard Housecall-   $100 This includes the visit and basic exam for one patient

Additional pets are $20 each for basic exam

Housecalls further than 20 miles are $145+

Office Visit at M.O.M.S. Veterinary Clinic  $40 for first pet and $20 for one additional petl per visit

Vaccinations-  Canine and feline distemper combo vaccination         $ 17.50-20.00

                       Small Animal Rabies vaccination                $ 17.50


Routine dental cleaning-  $175-$200+ for small dog or cat

Feral cat spay/neuter/ear tip   $75 each

puppy spay <30#   $175+

puppy castration <30#  $125+

cat spay $100+

Routine cat castration $75+

(+ denotes that it could be higher depending on anesthesia costs and possible complications)

Adult dog spay/neuter depends on age, weight and health issues. 

All patients who have not been previously seen must have a physical exam and possible blood work depending on age