MOBI VET -  Why Housecalls?


Convenience.  No more waiting in crowded waiting rooms with  sick or unfriendly animals.  Wait in the comfort of your own home!

No need to get your pets into the car or the carrier. 

Less stress on you and your pets!

Pets are seen in their natural environment.

May actually be economic for multiple pet households. 


MOMS Vet Clinic - Why Options? 

  At MOMS Veterinary Clinic we hope to offer our clients options in the care of their pets.  Although it is great that veterinary medicine can offer people and their pets the highest levels of medicine and surgery, sometimes the cost is prohibitive.  We try to offer options that may fit the clients situation better.   For example, a broken leg may be best fixed with internal steel pins, but a splint might also work.  The cost for pinning may be more than $1000 while a splint will be considerably less.  Dental cleaning may cost $600 if you take x-rays before and after procedures and also do restorative procedures; but if we just pull the rotten and loose ones then clean and polish what is left, it could cost less than half that.   We hope to work in partnership with our clients in the care of their pets.